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If you are a conductor of a vocal ensemble, you may want a copy of the catalog of the nearly 300 entries of my choral works. It is available as an alphabetical Excel spreadsheet.

The full spreadsheet has additional columns that allow you to sort the alphabetical entries in a multiplicity of ways, depending upon your needs. You can sort by any combination of these variables:

  1.    by ensemble type (mixed, womenís, menís, childrenís choirs);

  2.    by Jewish and non-Jewish works;

  3.    by music for the Sabbath, High Holidays, Chanukah, and Christmas;

  4.    by the sources of the text (Psalms, other biblical, Shakespeare).

If you are interested, please click here, and I will e-mail you an up-to-date catalog (as an Excel file) along with a word document that explains, in a step-by-step manner, how you can sort the catalog to fit your needs.

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