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My newest CD, Friday Night Jazz Service is now available.

This studio recording is over one hour in length and contains jazz arrangements of traditional Shabbat melodies arranged for choir and jazz trio. Recorded by some of the finest vocalists and musicians in the Chicago area, you will find these arrangements to be a refreshing, new take on familiar Sabbath tunes. You can hear some snippets of some of the tracks, (if they have the icon):

1.    Bim Bam in Five
2.    Shabbat Candle Blessing
3.    Shalom Aleichem
4.    Yismechu
5.    Lecha Dodi
6.    Barechu/Borei Yom
7.    Ahavat Olam
8.    Shema/V'ahavta
9.    Mi Chamocha
10.   Hashkiveinu
11.   V'shamru
12.   Shalom Rav
13.   Mishebeirach
14.   Kiddush
15.   Aleinu
16.   Oseh Shalom
17.   Adon Olam
18.   Bim Bam in Four

Three ways to get this CD

Method 1:   Order your CD of Friday Night Jazz Service for $17.50
which includes the cost of mailing.(Only shipped within the USA.)
You may order the CD, using your credit card (secure Pay Pal transaction).

(Note: Using the PayPal Buy Now option, if you Don't have a PayPal account use the "Continue" link
to pay with your credit card without having to open a PayPal account).

Method 2:   You may order the CD, paying by check. (Only shipped within the USA.)
Check Mail-in form On-Line Order Form Available Here.

Method 3:    Download individual tracks from the CD
at by clicking here.

Interested in doing this service at your synagogue? Read on.
If you are a director of a community or synagogue choir and have an interest in doing all or some of the selections from this jazz service, choral and instrumental parts are available, as well as learning CDís for your singers.

For more information on obtaining parts or exploring the possibility of having the musicians on this CD perform the service to your synagogue, write me at

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