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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website.

Here you can about my choral works and about my jazz recordings.

Whatís new at the site?

   1.   Learn about upcoming performances

   2.   Listen to newly added recordings of choral performances.

   3.   Learn about recent additions to my choral catalog.

The Bobís Music page will explain how you can order a copy of my choral catalog. Then, at your leisure, browse through the nearly 300 entries that include a cappella and accompanied music for mixed, womenís, menís, and childrenís choirs:

Look over the many settings I have composed of Jewish texts, including music for the Sabbath and High Holiday liturgies, for Chanukah, as well as psalms and other biblical sources.

Examine my settings of great poets: Langston Hughes, Christina Rossetti, William Shakespeare, May Swenson, and Sara Teasdale, among others.

In addition to my settings of Chanukah texts, check out my settings for Christmas and the New Year.

You can also listen to performance recordings of my choral pieces and check out recent additions to my catalog.

Finally you can read my self-reflections, some of my thoughts about composing choral music.

Go to the CD Info page. You will be able to listen to selections from my 2007 CD, Friday Night Jazz Service. If you like what you hear, I encourage you to order the CD and get the full experience of this fresh, new take on traditional Sabbath melodies.

Go to the Bio page and find out more about who has been performing my work.

Go to the Contact Us page. Tell me in what ways I might be of further assistance to you in helping you learn about my music. Fill out the Friends of Bob form and you will be added to my e-mail list.

You will then automatically receive updates about new pieces and recordings as well as upcoming performances.

   Bob Applebaum

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